About The Attic

ATTIC means "All The Truth In Christ". It was started around 20 years ago by remodeling an actual attic in La Sierra Spanish SDA church. Throughout the years it became a hot spot for youth to worship and fellowship on Friday nights. It changed names to GLOW "guiding light of the world" and it kept going but eventual due to several reasons started to die down close to the end of 2005. So a group of got together formed a small committee and challenged themselves by putting all their efforts and faith on God and relaunched the ATTIC on January 13, 2006. It was a great day that started a whole new life for the ATTIC. Soon it became a great ministry that was consistently having a worship service every Friday night as well as a Sabbath morning service (Youth Church). In the last couple of years, ATTIC ministries has grown tremendously and has been committed in encouraging other youth groups with programs, worship concerts, and Youth Rallies. From visiting and doing programs in local churches around Southern California: Los Angeles, San Diego, Chino, El Monte, Corona, all the way to doing a weekend youth rally in Las Vegas. The ATTIC has a amazing group of leaders passionate about Christ and passionate about loving and serving


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